Moroccan Rugs for Children

While Moroccan rugs, both Azilal and Beni Ourain can be seen as high-end, sophisticated items for decorating  – we shouldn’t limit their use. What is special about these rugs is that they are 100% wool and extremely easy to care for. No matter how dirty they get, they can be washed with soap flakes and hung out to dry in the sun. Even particularly dirty ones can be cleaned to as-new with a bit of nappy-san type product.

This is what makes them perfect for use in children’s rooms. They are large, soft, and made of natural fibres – which make them extremely successful in these settings.

kulchi rugs, morocco, rugs, carpets

kulchi rugs

Kulchi have both styles of rugs arriving in new shipment at end of April.

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One thought on “Moroccan Rugs for Children

  1. Beautiful rug for kids, and the picture showing the perfect look of Moroccan Rug. i think this is best rug for kids area.

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