What is Beni Ouarain, anyway?

Beni Ouarain carpets are made by the Berber tribes of the North-Eastern Middle Atlas Mountains in Morocco. Traditionally used as bedding to keep warm in the cold winter months, they are handmade, double-knott, un-dyed 100% natural wool carpets – characteristically heavy white/cream pile with geometric diamond designs ā€“ each one unique.

Beni’s were my first and one of my most enduring favourite rug types from this region. They are all so different, subtly. Some have very strong, clear hashed line formations, while others are more naive looking, and less ‘structured’ in their embellishments. My favourite are the ones that include unexpected little bits of colour. These rugs should feel wonderfully be soft – but beware of cheap knock-offs that look like ‘carpet’ and don’t have the same beautiful creamy tones that the Beni Ourarains are best known for.

They are incredibly versatile, and while your interior schemes might continue to shift and change – these rugs will always coordinate. I have seen them used in minimalist scandinavian schemes, kids rooms and also vibrants rooms full of colour.

Kulchi Beni Ourarain rug, as seen in Elle Decor.

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